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Robotic SW Eng.

We're looking for an experienced engineer capable of building and delivering functioning robotics systems and software that will be deployed at a global scale.
In this role you will implement and optimize core algorithms supporting robotic automation including drive and motion control, object detection, recognition, and avoidance, and route / path planning.
In addition to classical algorithms, you will support machine learned approaches by providing optimized implementations of on-device inference algorithms as well as training tools for machine learned models.
The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of machine perception algorithms and the ability to translate mathematics into production-ready code.

 Work includes:

· Participate in all phases of new development including concept, design, prototyping, and production.

· Influence the full-stack architectural roadmap.

· Collaborate with software, hardware, and operations customers.

· Performance tuning and maintenance of on-device software

· Contribute to software design reviews, architecture reviews, and team best practices.



· Strong programming skills

· BCS - SW Eng. / HW Eng. / CS

· 3+ years for experience in embedded software design

· Knowledge and understanding in communication systems.

· Real-Time experience

· Linux

· Self-learning abilities

·  Experience with ARM CPU architecture – advantage !

· C# , C++, Python

· Job is for team players only!

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