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Computer Vision and algorithms Developer

We are looking for an experienced, real time image processing developer.
In this role you will implement and optimize core algorithms supporting robotic automation including drive and motion control, object detection, recognition, and avoidance, and route / path planning / trajectories.

 Work includes:

In addition to classical algorithms, you will support machine learned approaches by providing optimized implementations of on-device inference algorithms as well as training tools for machine learned models.

The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of machine perception algorithms and the ability to translate mathematics into production-ready code.


· BSC in: SW Eng. / CS / mathematics

· 3-5 years' experience in the computer vision field

· Deep understanding in optics and cameras technologies

· Experience in working with robotic systems.

· Image processing: detection and tracking

· Algorithm’s development

· Invers kinematic

· Background in robotics is a huge advantage.

· C#, C++, Python,

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