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Revolutionizing the dairy industry

About Us

Dairycs is innovating the dairy farm and rewriting the deal between the farmer and the cow herd.

We’re creating a farm that focuses on the cow's needs and puts her at the heart of the operation. Our proprietary technologies are transforming the way cows live and paving the way to the next generation of dairy farms.


Dairycs Meadow Sense - the world's first fully autonomous dairy farm

As of today, milking is no longer an issue for the cow




Innovative technology

We're implementing the most advanced technologies and changing dairy farming as we know it




Sustainable infrastructure

Save on labor, reduce property sizes, and cut overhead costs


Sustainable infrastructure



Farmer/cow synergy

Relieve the stress at the farm and make milking a non-issue for both the farmer and the cows

Farmer/cow synergy





We're leading the global revolution in dairy technology 


Meadow Sense

The Dairycs Meadow Sense is a fully autonomous mobile system that changes the lives of both farmer and cow.

The system identifies when each cow is ready to be milked, our cutting-edge AI technologies create an individual profile for each cow that is customized to her specific biological needs.

The autonomous, mobile milking unit approaches the cow and starts milking all while she continues enjoying her food.

By managing the herd’s milking routine at the feeding line, we are ensuring healthier cows and a supportive and stress-free environment.

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